About MasterServer

Your server is added to a list called (MasterServer) that all our players use.

Masterserver is a list of servers that can be found under the name "Find Servers" in the Counter-Strike: 1.6 Game Menu,
In this way all players who use this list can find your server and enter it.

In order for your server to be displayed in our list you must buy one of the following packages: https://counter-strike-boost.com/buy-cs

MasterServer Install
Remember to backup your original copies in case you want to revert.

For old versions (4554)
1. Download CS.exe,
2. Copy CS.exe to your installation folder,
3. Run CS.exe

For Steam
1. Download MasterServers.vdf,
2. Copy & Replace MasterServers.vdf to:
  • C:\Program Files\Steam\config\MasterServers.vdf
If you are unable to replace these files, you can download Counter-Strike: 1.6 from our site.

After installing masterserver, the servers at our website will be listed in the in-game server browser.
Everything works just like normal, but the servers are fetched from our website database.

After you order one of the offers including "TOP 10, " your server is added to our (MasterServer).

And that's how Counter-Strile: 1.6 Boost works.
And in this way will be possible for all the players who use our MasterServer to see your server and be able to connect and play on it.

"TOP 10"
Offers strong effect and helps to gain online the fastest way.
When you order a "TOP 10" for your Counter-Strike: 1.6 server it is placed in the upper list of our MasterServer.

"TOP "
Offers relatevely lower effect than "TOP 10", but still provides you with online gain every day for the whole period of days.

Demo on buy page.

About GameMenu

What is GameMenu boost?
GameMenu boost is an option (button) shown on Counter-Strike: 1.6 Client Menu as "Random Servers".

What happens when someone presses the button?
When an player press the button "Random Servers" on Counter-Strike: 1.6 Client Menu the player will be redirected to the "GameMenu Boosted Servers" on the Website.

How the players are divided?
Players are redirected equally on each server, when a player is sent to a server it is registered in the database and displayed on the Statistics page.

What is FIFO?
FIFO is an acronym for first in, first out, when an new server is added the last server is deleted.