Hello, below our team wrote our recommendations for a perfect server.

First thing to keep in mind: we cannot physically make our players to join your server.
However, you can make it more appealing for players to connect.
The more attractive your server looks the more chances are that people will want to join it.

1. Server Mode is the most important factor!
Classic, CSDM and Gungame (with auto-respawn after death) these modes are very popular, also tend to keep people playing longer on the server.

If you have other modes installed on your server please keep the download data (maps,models,sound,etc.) below 50/100mb,
And a high upload speed to downloadurl (10mb/s or upper) webhost server (FASTHTTP),
Because most players cancel the connection on your server if they wait too long to download the resources!

2. Server Map is also a very important point!
Popular maps draw the majority of players while servers with unpopular maps are massively ignored.

We recommend this list of maps for a classic server:
If you have 10- people playing on your server this list will be more appropriate:
and more.

If you have 15+ people playing on your server this list will be more appropriate:
and more.

3. Anti-Cheats or always have admins online.
You must have a team of several people available as long as possible on the server to ban cheater players,
Otherwise you may lose all of your online once a cheater joins and our boost will not be as efficient.

Following these simple pieces of advise will help you to maximise our effect and greately increase your online.