Your server is added to a list called (MasterServer) that all our players use.
Masterserver is a list of servers that can be found under the name "Find Servers" in the Counter-Strike: 1.6 Game Menu,
In this way all players who use this list can find your server and enter it.


MasterServer for Counter-Strike 1.6 is a central server that serves as a directory for all available game servers.
It is a crucial component of the multiplayer experience in Counter-Strike 1.6 as it allows players to easily connect to game servers and join a game.

When a player starts the Counter-Strike 1.6 game, the game client connects to the MasterServer to retrieve a list of available servers.
The MasterServer then provides a list of servers that match the player's search criteria, such as location, game type, and number of players.
The player can then choose a server to join and connect directly to the game server.

The MasterServer works by constantly scanning the internet for available game servers and adding them to its database.
Game server owners can register their servers with the MasterServer to make their servers visible to players around the world.
This allows players to easily find and join a server that meets their preferences and provides a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

MasterServer also plays a critical role in the security and integrity of the game.
It verifies the authenticity of the game client and game server to prevent cheating and hacking.
This ensures that all players have a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

In summary, MasterServer is a crucial component of the Counter-Strike 1.6 multiplayer experience.
It provides players with a central directory of available game servers, allowing them to easily connect to a server and join a game.
It also ensures the security and integrity of the game by preventing cheating and hacking.


In order for your server to be displayed in our list you must buy one of the following packages:

"TOP 10"
Offers strong effect and helps to gain online the fastest way.
When you order a "TOP 10" for your Counter-Strike: 1.6 server it is placed in the upper list of our MasterServer.

"TOP "
Offers relatevely lower effect than "TOP 10", but still provides you with online gain every day for the whole period of days.


Remember to backup your original copies in case you want to revert.

1. Download MasterServers.vdf,
2. Copy & Replace the MasterServer files (MasterServers.vdf) to the correct directory:
Installation directory, example: C:\Program Files\Steam\config\MasterServers.vdf
3. Launch the game: Start your Counter-Strike 1.6 game and wait for it to load.
Once the game has loaded, click on the "Find Servers" button to view the servers listed on the MasterServer.

If you are unable to replace these files, you can download Counter-Strike: 1.6 from our site.
After installing the MasterServer you can start the game again and select any server from the menu option "Find Servers".