• Current boost platform

    22:36 28-05-2019

    After many years of tutorials and learning how everything works at the end of 2018 i started working on a prototype after that i decided to rebuild the platform myself without any other help,
    All investments go into the development and maintenance of the platform which include a lot of costs, we have had over 500 customers so far.

    I'm still not happy with how it works but i'm working once or twice a month to improve it.

  • First successful boost platform


    At the beginning of 2017 i created the first boost platform with my friend "MeClaud" who was in charge of creating the website and my task was to bring players.
    After only a week we found a partner "glmmlg" owned a respawn server, which invested around 500EUR in our project.
    After two weeks i managed to have 20.000 unique players and in the MasterServer around 800/900 daily, we had over 50 clients who used our services monthly.

    The project ended after a year because i was the only one left in the project and i didn't have time because of high school.

  • First boost platform


    The platform was not very successful because i did not understand very well how it works and what it is needed for,
    Back then i used redirects (csservers.ro) to make players and i managed to gather over 1.000 of players daily from an sigle redirect port default,
    The method didn't work well because the valve started updating the Client after only a few months.

    So i decided to close it and learn more and understand what i can do better.

  • First Counter-Strike: 1.6 Server

    14:22 16-02-2010

    In 2010 i had my first CS 1.6 server with my friend klynaTz in which we invested over 3.000EUR (boosting & hosting) the server was online until 2018.
    We were affiliated with the server on a community that does not help us we decided to make one ourselves,
    During these years we had 3 official servers in the Top 5 on GameTracker.com and we had 25 partner servers affiliated with the community which were over 15.000 registered members.

    In 2018 we restarted the community due to inactivity of the old members and it is still active which i left to a friend "Aliace" to take care of.