Update core

We started moving the platform to the new core, only the new servers will appear in the tables, and the old servers will remain on boost until they expire.
Other updates
New features: Fast Search.
Pages: About, Partners, Faq, Recommendations, Support, Privacy, Cookies, Terms of Service, Return and Refund Policy.

Posted on 02:49:31 27-05-2021


The platform is back online!
At this moment you can only buy TOP 0 - 365 days.
In the next few days, it will be available TOP 5,10,50 too.

Posted on 03:58:53 05-05-2021


The sales are disabled because we are working on a new gateway with new features!
Will support payments from: Revolut, Stripe, Fortumo SMS, and if we find more it will be added.
Features: Register, Login, Orders details, Invoices PDF, Wallet, and more.

Posted on 14:54:41 10-04-2021

Updates and Fortumo SMS

Hi there at this moment the game state website is under construction by his developer and it will take more time than i expected, in the next days i will do some updates to the core of the platform, an new payment method from fortumo sms will be added, so if any bugs appear report those by mail, thanks.

Posted on 16:00:38 09-01-2021

New Projects

We are working on an new platform that will help you track your server like gametracker.com but more friendly.
We return with information when it is ready, we estimate that it can take up to 5 months.

Posted on 19:19:08 11-07-2020


Hello turtles, I received several messages with complaints that many of you do not have a paypal account and you do not want to waste time creating one.
So i decided to add direct payment by card also offered by paypal and it works without having an account.
I am also waiting for your opinion here: strawpoll.me

Posted on 08:22:10 21-06-2020

Darkmode style

Dark mode on / off is live we make some changes to the design,
For any bugs, errors please open an ticket, thanks for the patience.

Posted on 18:04:48 10-05-2020


Hi, we work on the structure of our platform for now the website has been in beta test phase
but now we pass it to beta stable modules you will see a lot of improvements this days, thanks for choosing us.

Posted on 18:04:26 10-05-2020


Hello, we are working on an interface and a much better optimized system,
Everything works normally you can buy the available packages, thanks for understanding.

Posted on 17:46:49 10-05-2020